Piezotome Extraction with Immediate Implant

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Removing an ankylosed root in an older patient can be challenging. It is even more so when the surgeon is attempting to remove the root as atraumatically as possible, so that a dental implant can be immediately placed. Just like with any other task, having the right tools makes the job more efficient, precise, and straightforward. For atraumatic extractions, the use of the ultrasonic piezotome with a tip that is designed to separate the ankylosed tooth from the surrounding alveolar bone, along with Proximators to expand the socket and elevate the root, are essential. Following this with the accuracy of fully-guided implant placement provides the ideal way to preserve bone and restore function. This case illustrates how these instruments and technologies are used to make immediate implant placement at the time of extraction efficient and accurate. Run time 22:41