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    I removed #17 on a pleasant and healthy 30yo healthy female last year (11/2017). It was a high risk extraction and the patient did develop some swelling and numbness immediately post op. I put her on a medrol dose pack and the feeling returned to nearly 100% after approx 6 months. Pt returned yesterday (approx 10 months after surgery) reporting that, as of 2 weeks ago, the numbness had returned to the extent immediately after surgery. Put her on B complex vitamin and will be seeing her 2 weeks, possibly referring to UF Grad OS. CBCT scan taken at 10 month post op appt looked normal (no disruption to the canal).
    Have you ever seen paresthesia return after it had resolved?

    Thank you!

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    Dr. Jay Reznick

    I would also look at the other posterior teeth on the left mandible, looking for periapical pathology that is pressing on the mandibular canal. It is unusual for paresthesia to return once resolved unless there is new pathology or recurrence of previous pathology. Is the #17 extraction site completely healed?


    Thanks for taking a look! The site appears completely healed…No obvious pathology either. Very unusual as she is now reporting the numbness “comes and goes”. Having a hard time getting her to come into the clinic for me to evaluate in person. I purchased a cold laser that I will try on her at regular intervals. Will let you know if it resolves. I would like to send her to UF Oral Surgery but it seems like a major inconvenience if there is no clear treatment option. Thanks again, Carlos

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