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    Dear Dr Jay
    I I have done a lot of cases under IV sedation in my surgery After enrolment in your great website and thanks for that you made it easy .
    Just would like to know why to do surgery under GA if we can do it under IV sedation .any major difference? Or indication ?.for that .
    Second question
    Do you advise to make CT scan for all wisdom Exo safer or OPG is sufficient and ct in selctive cases .

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    Dr. Jay Reznick

    I do mostly GA because that was a big part of my training. If IV sedation is working well for you, then that is fine. I will do sedation, rather than GA for an older patient or one with many medical problems. But, for a healthy patient under 60, GA is my standard level of anesthesia.
    I used to use panoramic for 3rd molars and only got a CBCT if teeth were close to the mandibular nerve, sinus, or unusually rotated. I realized that most patients ended up getting both, for those indications I just mentioned. So, I changed my routine for CBCT to be the standard radiograph for all impacted teeth.

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