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    Bradley Conway

    I have a pt that needs 13 teeth out with alveoloplasty. He is currently on dual anti-platelet therapy with Brilanta and aspirin for a stent placement post-MI. Does anyone have experience with extractions on pts taking Brilanta? I have taken out tons of teeth on pts taking coumadin (checking INR before the procedure) and plavix/aspirin. Are plavix and brilanta pretty similar since they are both platelet inhibitors? I’ll check with his cardiologist, but my instinct is to leave him on both meds. Thoughts?

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    Dr. Jay Reznick

    Have had not yet had any patients on Brilanta, but I would handle it no differently than with any other anticoagulant. That is, you have to evaluate the benefits versus the risks of stopping vs continuing the drug(s). Most of the time that weighs in favor of not stopping the anticoagulant. Just plan on minimizing flap reflection and packing all the sites with Gelfoam or Sugicel and then trying to get primary closure. If you have not yet watched our latest video “PRESERVING KERATINIZED GINGIVA AFTER MULTIPLE EXTRACTIONS”, check out this technique for obtaining primary closure, while preserving keratinized tissue.

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