Essentials of Implantology – Level III

Dates and Venues to be Announced



Course Outline

Level III is designed for the doctor who has done at least 100 implants in his/her career, is currently placing at least 8-10 implants per month, has mastered basic bone and tissue grafting techniques, is very comfortable with implant treatment planning and is now ready to move on to start learning more advanced techniques to expand their case complexity.


This two-day course will cover open (lateral wall) sinus lifts, onlay bone grafting and ridge-split techniques to improve bone volume for implant placement, multi-implant planning and surgery and the management of advanced peri-implantitis. It will include digital work flows incorporating CBCT and CAD/CAM and 3D printing to enhance efficiency and accuracy in complex cases. Doctors will be encouraged to bring their cases for treatment planning and discussion with the faculty and participants.


Course Objectives:

At the conclusion of this course, the participant will-

  • Understand the techniques and instrumentation needed to perform advanced bone grafting procedures, as well as be aware of the limitations, potential complications and management of larger implant cases.
  • Be able to use 3D technologies to develop a prosthetically-based implant treatment plan and design surgical guides for guided-surgery systems to accurately and efficiently perform implant surgery.
  • Be familiar with the pathophysiology and development of advanced peri-implantitis with bone loss and develop strategies for managing its effects.
  • Become comfortable planning complex multiple dental implant cases, perform surgery and manage the patient through the restorative phase and beyond.