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  • Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology – A Discussion with Dr. Heidi Kohltfarber

    1:03:32 Published: 08/13/2018

    Dental radiology of 30 years ago has evolved in to Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology due to the advances in 3D technology and CBCT. Dr. Reznick discusses many topics in this interview with Dr. Heidi Kohltfarber. Learn why you need 3D imaging in your practice, how to decide on which unit would be best for your practice, and a systematic approach to viewing a CBCT scan to maximize your diagnostic ability. See where this technology is moving in the future. Run time 1:03:32 (1.0 hour PACE CE credit).

  • Exposing a Palatally Impacted Maxillary Canine

    18:40 Published: 11/26/2017

    Patients are frequently sent to oral surgeon by orthodontists to aid in the eruption of an unerupted maxillary canine tooth. The technique is different for a palatal impaction versus a tooth that is located more facially. CBCT imaging is the most reliable way to make the determination of tooth position and orientation so that the most appropriate surgical procedure can be planned and successfully performed. This video discusses some of these concepts. Run time 18:40

  • Essentials of Implantology and Guided Implant Surgery

    05:04 Published: 07/05/2017

    This video is not coupled with continuing educational credits. 

    Do you want to learn how to place dental implants? Learn the right way, from an experienced oral surgeon and educator. Essentials of Implantology and Guided Implant Surgery will teach you the fundamentals that will get you off on the right foot for your implant journey.

  • Basic Guided implant Surgery: Astra Tech System EV

    19:03 Published: 07/04/2017

    Guided implant surgery has improved the accuracy and efficiency of dental implant surgery. A prosthetically-based plan, combined with fully-guided placement facilitates optimal implant positioning and restoration. This video shows how the Astra Tech Implant System EV Guided Surgery kit uses these principles to deliver optimal results for our patients.

  • A Set of Partial Bonies

    21:31 Published: 09/13/2016

    This is a straightforward case of four partial bony third molars. Patient examination, radiographic evaluation and surgical strategy are all discussed. Duration- 21:31

  • Leveraging Digital Technology to Improve Patient Care

    24:09 Published: 08/24/2016

    Digital technology has changed the way we practice dentistry... for the better. The integration of CAD/CAM and CBCT has improved our diagnostic ability to treatment plan toward a more predictable and successful clinical outcome. In this case presentation, Dr. Reznick discusses a patient who was referred after a motor vehicle accident and suffered an avulsed tooth and subluxation of others. The completely digital work flow and treatment sequence are described. Run time- 24:09

  • Whack It Off!

    10:05 Published: 08/10/2016

    This video presents a case of a fairly common pathological entity, a benign exostosis. A differential diagnosis is discussed and 3D CBCT imaging is used to confirm the diagnosis. Treatment is very straightforward and a favorite of many oral surgeons. Run time- 10:05

  • Removing a Maxillary Mesiodens

    6:58 Published: 07/18/2016

    A supernumary tooth in the midline of the maxilla is referred to as a mesiodens. These are fairly common, and easily removed with proper planning and surgical technique. This video shows how this is accomplished in an 11 year old patient. Run Time- 6:58

  • 99.99% Guided Implant Surgery with Drs. Jay Reznick and Howard Farran

    1:02:44 Published: 05/20/2016

    This video is not coupled with continuing education credits. 

    Dr. Howard Farran started the website DentalTown so that "no dentist will have to practice alone". Over 200,00 dentists from all over the world log in to DentalTown to share cases, get advice, and to vent, about various clinical, practice management, and personal topics. In 2014, they launched a video podcast series that now has over 400 episodes. I was privileged to be one of the first contributors. In it, Howard and I discuss why I now do 99.99% of the implants in my practice using surgical guides planned from CBCT. If you are not already a "Townie", check out the site at DentalTown.Com. Run Time- 1:02:44

  • Management of a Palatally Impacted Canine (HD)

    12:41 Published: 04/26/2016

    Impacted maxillary canines can be found on the buccal or palatal aspect, or deep within of the maxilla. Where the tooth is located affects the surgical approach and technique to bring it in to the proper position. 3D imaging is essential to assess the orientation and position of the impacted tooth. This video shows a method used by Dr. Reznick to expose a palatally-impacted canine that eliminates placing a bracket and chain as initial management.  Run Time- 12:41

  • Intro to CT Guided Implant Surgery

    23:59 Published: 04/25/2016

    3D CT scans and computer-guided dental implant surgery are changing the way that dental implants surgery is planned and performed. This course introduces NobelGuide and Simplant, two of the most popular systems used for this exciting technologyRun Time- 23:59

  • Number 9: Immediate Implant and Provisional

    10:58 Published: 04/25/2016

    A failing #9 is extracted with Proximators, and an immediate Replace Select implant with provisional crown is placed. Run Time- 10:58.

  • Getting into a tight space

    17:45 Published: 04/25/2016

    The accuracy of implant surgery has been improved significantly by the development of CT Guided Implant techniques. This case was treatment planned using a Galileos CBCT scanner and Galileos Implant software to achieve accurate implant placement is a very tight space. Duration: 17:45

  • Surgical Removal of Impacted Third Molars- Part III

    22:15 Published: 04/25/2016

    In this 3rd part of the introductory series on impacted third molars, Dr. Reznick discusses surgical technique for the various types of impactions. Pre- and post-operative regimens are also reviewed. Duration- 22:15

  • Mandibular fracture stabilization

    9:53 Published: 04/25/2016

    Mandibular fractures are occasionally first diagnosed by a general dentist, especially in situations where an oral surgeon is not readily available. Stabilizing the fracture can reduce the risk of complications and make the patient more comfortable. A simple technique to stabilize a mandibulr fracture is demonstrated. Duration - 9:52

  • Radioopaque Mass in a 12 Year Old

    15:15 Published: 04/25/2016

    Jaw pathology may be seen on routine radiographs. Many small benign intrabony lesions can be managed by the general dentist with surgical training, as long as the case is diagnosed and treated to the same standard of care as the oral surgeon would. Differential diagnosis of a radioopaque mass in a 12 year old girl is discussed and the technique of surgical removal is demonstrated in this video. Duration- 15:15.

  • Submandibular Sialolithiasis

    11:22 Published: 04/25/2016

    Obstruction of the submandibular duct by a stone is a common condition seen in a surgical practice. Supportive management is discussed, followed by the surgical technique to remove a stubborn stone from Wharton's duct. Run Time- 11:22.

  • A Simple Set of Thirds

    11:33 Published: 04/25/2016

    Would you like to see how an experienced Oral Surgeon can remove all 4 wisdom teeth in under 10 minutes? This video shows the complete surgical procedure for the removal of four impacted wisdom teeth in a patient under intravenous sedation. Run time 11:32

  • Subcutaneous air emphysema

    16:33 Published: 04/25/2016

    Subcutaneous air emphysema is a rare but dramatic complication in dentistry. It is due to air being driven into the perioral soft tissues during a dental procedure. This video discusses the etiology and treatment of this complication. It can be prevented by the use of a rear-venting handpiece for surgical procedures. Duration - 16:32

  • The Power of CT Guided Implant Surgery

    27:47 Published: 04/25/2016

    Guided Implant Surgery has revolutionized implantology. In this case, this technology is used to place an implant at the time of extraction in to the most ideal position. A custom provisional crown was prepared ahead of time that fitted precisely on the implant at surgery, without any adjustment. The workflow to accomplish this is discussed. Duration 27:47.

  • The Dog is Awake

    8:18 Published: 04/25/2016

    In this video, Dr. Reznick discusses the removal of a bony impacted mandibular 3rd molar in a medically-compromised 92 year old woman. Special considerations in this case are discussed. Run time 8:17

  • Management of surgical and post operative complications

    36:03 Published: 04/25/2016

    This course covers the basics of managing the common intraoperative and postoperative complications that can occur with any oral surgical procedure. Duration- 36:02

  • Immediate Implant and Provisional #8

    18:49 Published: 04/25/2016

    The anterior esthetic zone presents unique challenges to the implant surgeon. In this region, perfect implant placement is critical to get a good esthetic and functional result. The extraction-immediate implant case is especially complicated, since it is easy for the implant to become redirected during drilling and/or placement, even in the hands of an experienced surgeon. 3D imaging and CBCT-Guided implant surgery makes this process more accurate and predictable. It also allows for a custom provisional restoration to be made, which can be delivered at surgery, with minimal adjustment. The software and workflow of GALILEOS CBCT facilitate this treatment, as the software is very intuitive and the surgical guides allow deliver accuracy. This case demonstrates how GALILEOS Guided surgery made removal of tooth #8 and placement of an immediate implant a predictable and successful procedure. Run Time- 18:49

  • Removal of Small Buccal Exostosis

    6:20 Published: 04/25/2016

    This video shows the technique for removing a small buccal exostosis from the lateral maxilla using an osteotome. Duration 6:20.

  • Multilocular Lesion of the Mandible (HD)

    16:41 Published: 03/24/2016

    Oral surgery is more than just taking out teeth and placing implants. It also includes the evaluation and management of pathological lesions of the mucosa and within the bones of the face and jaws. Some of these are quite common and seen frequently in practice. Others are more rare. The process to evaluate and manage such lesions is an important skill to master, not only for specialists, but also for the general practitioner who practices in an area where there is not a specialist close by. This video explores the case of a patient presenting with pain in the mandible, the diagnostic evaluation, and treatment of the pathologic entity. Run time - 16:41

  • A Tricky Situation (HD)

    13:18 Published: 10/15/2015

    This is another lesson in our series discussing intraoperative surgical complications. Preoperative evaluation of the patient and radiographs should alert the clinician to potential pitfalls. Should they occur, prior planning will help manage the situation and avoid untoward consequences. Run Time 13:18.

  • Stretching the Envelope- Made Possible by Guided Implant Surgery (HD)

    17:00 Published: 05/19/2015

    This video shows a case using the BioHorizons Guided Surgery kit in which a ridge-split was performed to widen a narrow alveolar ridge and allow placement of four dental implants to replaced a failed maxillary anterior bridge. Using the available technology to plan accurate surgery and create a surgical guide to direct implant placement, the BioHorizons Guided Surgery kit facilitated accurate, precise implant placement in half the time of traditional techniques. Duration 17:00.

  • Removal of Tooth #3 with Perforation into the Sinus (HD)

    17:05 Published: 09/14/2013

    An infected maxillary molar can encroach upon the maxillary sinus and create an oral-antral fistula when extracted. Large defects will not close on their own. When this complication is anticipated, surgery is planned to close the defect primarily. This video demonstrates a technique to do just that. Run time- 17:05

  • Full Bony Impacted Teeth # 1 and 32 (HD)

    15:03 Published: 09/14/2013

    This case demonstrates and discusses the removal of full bony impacted third molars in a healthy 16 year old. Run Time: 15:03