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  • Guided Surgery, Ridge Splitting, and Sinus Lifts for Success in Implant Surgery

    1:33:42 Published: 12/25/2016

    This video is not coupled with continuing educational credits. 

    This is the third of three videos of Dr. Reznick's all-day course given at the CAD-Ray Symposium in Hawaii on February 13, 2016. The course was recorded by our friends at DentalTown, and they have allowed us to share this video with our subscribers. Duration - 1:33:42.

  • Preserving Keratinized Gingiva After Multiple Extractions

    14:35 Published: 08/30/2016

    It is not uncommon to need to remove multiple adjacent teeth in a patient. Traditional surgical technique emphasizes trimming of the marginal gingiva, including the interdental papillae in order to facilitate primary closure of tissue over the surgical site. This technique has been around long before tooth replacement with dental implants was the standard of care. Unfortunately, this removes a significant amount of ketatinized gingiva, which is undesirable if implants are planned. Keratinized gingiva is also beneficial for supporting a removable prosthesis. This video shows a technique which preserves most all of the keratinized tissue following multiple tooth extractions and alveloloplasty. Run time- 14:35

  • Minimally-Invasive Extraction and Ridge Preservation (of a Mandibular Premolar)

    10:21 Published: 06/30/2016

    This video shows an alternate, minimally-invasive technique for ridge preservation grafting following the atraumatic removal of a mandibular premolar, which was completely subgingival. Use of Proximators is demonstrated and the grafting technique is introduced.  Duration - 10:21

  • Immediate Implant and Provisional #8

    18:49 Published: 04/25/2016

    The anterior esthetic zone presents unique challenges to the implant surgeon. In this region, perfect implant placement is critical to get a good esthetic and functional result. The extraction-immediate implant case is especially complicated, since it is easy for the implant to become redirected during drilling and/or placement, even in the hands of an experienced surgeon. 3D imaging and CBCT-Guided implant surgery makes this process more accurate and predictable. It also allows for a custom provisional restoration to be made, which can be delivered at surgery, with minimal adjustment. The software and workflow of GALILEOS CBCT facilitate this treatment, as the software is very intuitive and the surgical guides allow deliver accuracy. This case demonstrates how GALILEOS Guided surgery made removal of tooth #8 and placement of an immediate implant a predictable and successful procedure. Run Time- 18:49

  • Removal of Small Buccal Exostosis

    6:20 Published: 04/25/2016

    This video shows the technique for removing a small buccal exostosis from the lateral maxilla using an osteotome. Duration 6:20.

  • Lingual Frenectomy Using CO2 Laser (HD)

    4:44 Published: 09/14/2013

    This video is the first High Definition course on OOS. Dr. Reznick discusses the indications for lingual frenectomy and shows his technique using a CO2 laser. Run time 4:44.