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  • COVID-19: An Epidemiologist’s Perspective

    0:52:14 Published: 05/24/2020

    Dr. Reznick is joined by Dr. Catherine Hayes, past President of the American Board of Dental Public Health and Clinical Professor of Health Policy and Health Services Research at the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine at Boston University. They discuss the current COVID-19 crisis, from her perspective as an epidemiologist, and how it affects the practice of dentistry. You will hear insights that may not be heard anywhere else. Run Time -  52:14

  • Removal of Tooth #3 with Perforation into the Sinus (HD)

    17:05 Published: 09/14/2013

    An infected maxillary molar can encroach upon the maxillary sinus and create an oral-antral fistula when extracted. Large defects will not close on their own. When this complication is anticipated, surgery is planned to close the defect primarily. This video demonstrates a technique to do just that. Run time- 17:05

  • Removal of Tooth #19 with Ridge Preservation Grafting (HD)

    13:17 Published: 09/14/2013

    This case demonstrates the technique for surgical removal of a broken lower first molar, and discusses the fine points of the procedure. The technique of ridge preservation grafting is also shown. Running time: 13:17