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  • Managing a Post-Op Third Molar Infection

    19:58 Published: 07/09/2019

    Every surgical procedure has complications, no matter how experienced the surgeon or how routine the procedure. Knowing how to manage the most common complications is critical if you are doing surgery. If you hire another doctor to do your surgery for your practice, you also have the same responsibility when they are not available. Run time- 19:58

  • Exposing a Palatally Impacted Maxillary Canine

    18:40 Published: 11/26/2017

    Patients are frequently sent to oral surgeon by orthodontists to aid in the eruption of an unerupted maxillary canine tooth. The technique is different for a palatal impaction versus a tooth that is located more facially. CBCT imaging is the most reliable way to make the determination of tooth position and orientation so that the most appropriate surgical procedure can be planned and successfully performed. This video discusses some of these concepts. Run time 18:40

  • A Set of Partial Bonies

    21:31 Published: 09/13/2016

    This is a straightforward case of four partial bony third molars. Patient examination, radiographic evaluation and surgical strategy are all discussed. Duration- 21:31

  • Removing a Maxillary Mesiodens

    6:58 Published: 07/18/2016

    A supernumary tooth in the midline of the maxilla is referred to as a mesiodens. These are fairly common, and easily removed with proper planning and surgical technique. This video shows how this is accomplished in an 11 year old patient. Run Time- 6:58

  • Management of a Palatally Impacted Canine (HD)

    12:41 Published: 04/26/2016

    Impacted maxillary canines can be found on the buccal or palatal aspect, or deep within of the maxilla. Where the tooth is located affects the surgical approach and technique to bring it in to the proper position. 3D imaging is essential to assess the orientation and position of the impacted tooth. This video shows a method used by Dr. Reznick to expose a palatally-impacted canine that eliminates placing a bracket and chain as initial management.  Run Time- 12:41

  • Surgical removal of impacted third molars

    5:13 Published: 04/25/2016

    This video presents the surgical removal of a straightforward mandibular third molar tooth. The classification, strategy and procedure is explained. This is an example of a good case for a dentist who is starting to incorporate surgery into their practice. Duration- 5:13.

  • Full bony horizontal impaction #32

    8:26 Published: 04/25/2016

    This video shows the removal of a full bony horizontal impaction of tooth #32. The initial split was not successful. Re-evaluation of the root anatomy led to a favorable outcome. Run Time- 8:25.

  • Ankylosed #32

    7:11 Published: 04/25/2016

    Erupted 3rd molars in adults can be very challenging. This video discusses the removal of an ankylosed erupted mandibular 3rd molar in an adult male. Duration 7:11

  • New Instruments for Atraumatic Exodontia

    15:16 Published: 04/25/2016

    A new design of exodontia instruments has been introduced that modifies the surgical procedure to minimize trauma to the extraction site. These instruments are demonstrated, and typical cases are illustrated. Run Time 15:00

  • Managing an Acute Bleed in Surgery

    4:45 Published: 04/25/2016

    If not managed immediately, a severe intraoperative bleed can lead to significant blood loss and morbidity. Dr. Reznick shows how he managed a sudden episode of bleeding while removing an impacted third molar. Duration- 4:44


  • Surgical Removal of Impacted Third Molars – Part II

    10:54 Published: 04/25/2016

    In Part II of this 3 video series, Dr. Reznick discusses the risks of 3rd molar removal. The most common post-operative sequelae and complications are reviewed, along with the more significant ones to be aware of before performing surgery. This video also discusses the risks of NOT removing third molars in patients before they reach the age of 25. Duration- 10:45

  • Informed Consent for Oral Surgery

    12:56 Published: 04/25/2016

    Before an invasive surgical procedure can be performed, the patient must give their Informed Consent. But, what does this mean. And what must be discussed. Isn't Informed Consent just the paper they sign? Find out in this course. Duration- 12:55.

  • Surgical Removal of Impacted Third Molars – Part I

    29:19 Published: 04/25/2016

    Dr. Reznick uses this video to introduce students to the basic principles of removal of impacted 3rd molar teeth. This includes indications for removal, classification of impactions, surgical setup and preparation and radiographic evaluation. Duration- 29:19

  • Surgical Removal of Impacted Third Molars- Part III

    22:15 Published: 04/25/2016

    In this 3rd part of the introductory series on impacted third molars, Dr. Reznick discusses surgical technique for the various types of impactions. Pre- and post-operative regimens are also reviewed. Duration- 22:15

  • partial bony mesioangular #32

    6:08 Published: 04/25/2016

    In this video, Dr. Reznick demonstrates the technique used to remove a partial bony mesioangular impaction of tooth #32. Run Time- 6:07

  • A Simple Set of Thirds

    11:33 Published: 04/25/2016

    Would you like to see how an experienced Oral Surgeon can remove all 4 wisdom teeth in under 10 minutes? This video shows the complete surgical procedure for the removal of four impacted wisdom teeth in a patient under intravenous sedation. Run time 11:32

  • Oral Surgery Basics 1

    13:44 Published: 04/25/2016

    Dr. Reznick discusses some basic approaches to performing oral surgery procedures, discusses what instruments to have on your surgery basic instrument tray, and talks about his standard office perioperative medication routine. Duration- 13:44

  • The Dog is Awake

    8:18 Published: 04/25/2016

    In this video, Dr. Reznick discusses the removal of a bony impacted mandibular 3rd molar in a medically-compromised 92 year old woman. Special considerations in this case are discussed. Run time 8:17

  • Management of surgical and post operative complications

    36:03 Published: 04/25/2016

    This course covers the basics of managing the common intraoperative and postoperative complications that can occur with any oral surgical procedure. Duration- 36:02

  • Plan B mesioangular partial bony #17

    6:19 Published: 04/25/2016

    Knowing what to do when Plan "A" doesn't work is an important part of learning surgery. A mesioangular #17 did not come out as planned. Dr. Reznick shows how he quickly analyzed the problem and completed the surgery. Duration- 6:18

  • Punt!

    13:45 Published: 04/25/2016

    If you choose to do more advanced surgical extractions in your practice, it is important to have the proper training so that you are able to complete every procedure. This video shows how Dr. Reznick approaches removal of an impacted third molar that an inadequately trained GP worked on for over 30 minutes without success. Duration 13:45.

  • Vertical Impaction #17 (HD)

    5:47 Published: 11/03/2015

    This is a straightforward case of a partial bony vertically-impacted mandibular left third molar. The surgical technique is discussed and demonstrated. Duration 5:47.

  • A Tricky Situation (HD)

    13:18 Published: 10/15/2015

    This is another lesson in our series discussing intraoperative surgical complications. Preoperative evaluation of the patient and radiographs should alert the clinician to potential pitfalls. Should they occur, prior planning will help manage the situation and avoid untoward consequences. Run Time 13:18.

  • Be Prepared! (HD)

    10:38 Published: 10/08/2015

    No doctor should perform a surgical procedure without being fully prepared to deal with the most common complications. The unexpected can always occur, and when it does, being prepared will save the day. Run Time- 10:38.

  • It Looked Like it Would Just Pop Out! (HD)

    9:25 Published: 08/02/2015

    There is no such thing as a "simple" extraction. Even very straightforward procedures can have complications. In. this video, we see how to deal with fractured roots in a partially erupted third molar/. Duration 9:25.

  • Oops! Help! (HD)

    14:01 Published: 01/08/2015

    This is another video in our series of learning from another doctor's mistakes how to get out of trouble and how to avoid making the same mistake. In this case, an impacted maxillary third molar is displaced into the pterygomaxillary fissure region. Dr. Reznick discusses what probably caused this, how to avoid it and how to remove the tooth safely and successfully. Duration- 14:01

  • Silence is Golden (HD)

    11:44 Published: 01/26/2014

    Rather than showing how to do a specific procedure, Dr. Reznick discusses some concepts that are generally only taught to surgical residents. In this video, the subjects of consistency and efficiency and how they apply to oral surgical procedures is presented. Run time- 11:43.

  • Full Bony Impacted Teeth # 1 and 32 (HD)

    15:03 Published: 09/14/2013

    This case demonstrates and discusses the removal of full bony impacted third molars in a healthy 16 year old. Run Time: 15:03