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This page contains a variety of articles of interest to our members, as well as many of Dr. Reznick's office forms which you may find helpful for your practice.

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Karl Schumacher Instrument Bundle – Essentials of Implantology

This basic surgical tray set up for dental implants has been assembled at a special price for course participants and OnlineOralSurgery members.

02/02/20172.66 MBDownload

Salvin Dental Specialties Dr. Reznick Sterile Field Kit

This kit contains everything you will need to set up an aseptic field for performing dental implant surgery. You can download this flier, or go directly to the Salvin website to order:

02/15/20174 KBDownload

Post-Op Instructions after Dental Implant Surgery

This informational sheet is given to patients following dental implant surgery. This information is reviewed with them in person before discharge home.

11/25/201612.81 KBDownload

Dental Implant Consent form

This is the consent form Dr. Reznick uses in his practice to document the discussion with the patient the risks, benefits and alternatives to implant surgery.

11/25/201615.62 KBDownload

Basic Surgical Tray Setup for Implants

This list is presented in Dr. Reznick's course "Essentials of Implantology"  for the dentist who is just getting started on his/her implant journey, so they know what instruments they will need to buy for their first implant case.

01/26/2017302.63 KBDownload

Post-Op Nerve Symptom Examination

This is the form used in Dr. Reznick's practice to document patients'  complaints of numbness or altered sensation of the branches of the trigeminal nerve following a surgical procedure.

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Dental Implant Surgery Case Checklist

This for is used to plan dental implant cases to communicate to staff the implant sizes and grafting material that will be needed.

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Dental Implant Consent Form

This is the form Dr. Reznick uses in his office for patients to sign following the Informed Consent discussion.

11/19/201616.24 KBDownload

Tooth Replacement Options Pamphlet

Dr. Reznick wrote this patient information pamphlet to help patients understand their options for replacement of extracted teeth. This is a an important part of the Informed Consent process for surgery.

09/15/201387.6 KBDownload

DentoAlveolar Consent Form

This is the standard consent form for extractions and basic dentoalveolar surgery and anesthesia that Dr. Reznick uses in the office.

09/15/201316.91 KBDownload

Incision and Drainage Post-Op Instructions

This postoperative instruction sheet is for patients who have undergone an I & D to treat an infection of the oral cavity and/or jaws.

09/15/201313.54 KBDownload

Salivary Gland Info Sheet

This instruction sheet is used for patients who have salivary gland infections and stones.

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Medical History

Patient medical history form

09/15/201319.26 KBDownload

Postoperative 3rd Molar Instructions

These are additional instructions given to patients after the removal of impacted wisdom teeth.

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This is the basic postoperative instruction sheet Dr. Reznick uses in his practice. The header is blank so you may put your own information at the top of the page.

07/13/201319.72 KBDownload

Sinus Instructions

This is a sheet of additional postoperative instructions given to patients whose surgery involved the maxillary sinus, or came close.

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Informed Refusal

This form is used for patients who refuse recommended treatment.

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Nerve Injury

This information sheet is given to patients who have numbness of the lip, chin, or tongue after dental procedures. It explains why they are numb and the chances for recovery.

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